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Biography Marilyn Rea

Marilyn Rea in her Studio

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The art of Marilyn Rea a native of Western Pennsylvania, is vibrant, colorful, and precisely realistic. This is evident in nautical scenes, wildlife subjects, landscapes, nastalgic images, and newly developed digital art (realistic and modern). Her Down Home Art stirs memories of yesteryear, allowing the viewer to see what was.   Marilyn works in many genres and mediums such as pen and ink, portraiture, airbrush, computer and graphic designs.

Working primarily in acrylics, Marilyn has completed over forty 4' x 9' murals for Sadecky Puppets, painted and carved murals for churches, created wildlife murals, sculptures, and carvings for businesses.  

Her work is show in several galleries throughout the USA and  at Ninth Life Gallery,St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  Raymond L Greenburg Art Publishing has distributed her open edition art worldwide.  This is evident as many works are sold by various galleries via the Web and Ebay.

Since 1967 Marilyn has owned and operated Ye Little Art Shoppe a gallery and graphic art studio.  She is president and chairperson of the board of directors of the Armstrong County League Of Arts.

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